Squats vs lunges: which exercise is better for weight loss?


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, squats and lunges are two of the most common workout moves that everyone includes in their fitness routine. They are part of a variety of styles of functional training exercises, usually performed by both men and women. These compound movements help build lower body strength while improving mobility and stability. Additionally, squats and lunges help burn calories, engage the core, and help create a more toned lower half. Although they both offer several benefits, which is better for weight loss: lunges or squats? Let’s find out.

Lunges vs Squats: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

As someone in the fitness industry, I often come across this question of whether squats or lunges are better for weight loss. As I always say, on the whole, spot training or focusing on perceived “problem areas” will not lead to weight loss. Only a sustained approach to physical fitness, where the whole body experiences a regular and balanced blend of strengthening, lengthening and toning, will bring about the desired weight loss.

Benefits of the squat

Squats are versatile because they target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, creating greater resilience and balance in your lower body. They also strengthen core and leg muscles, which helps prevent injuries and relieve your knees. There is a school of thought that thinks squats are better for beginners because they are a more balanced movement and require less coordination than lunges.

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Squats for weight loss
Benefits of squats for weight loss. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Advantages of slots

Lunges test your coordination and agility while building muscle and strength since the movement is done one leg at a time. Lunges build lean muscle mass and may be more beneficial in an intermediate to advanced training regimen if you are used to fast movements that require more coordination. Additionally, lunges are preferred by runners because they help strengthen the legs and glutes, which build endurance to help you run longer and faster.

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lunges for weight loss
Know how good lunges are for weight loss. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Which is best for losing weight?

Squats sometimes come more naturally to people because the movement mimics sitting in a chair, a daily movement that we are all more or less used to. Lunges are trickier, as they require balance and can lead to injury if not performed correctly.

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However, doing just one will not lead to weight loss. It is advisable to include both exercises in your workout routine. Squats work the target muscle groups harder when you hold a squat longer, while a lunge requires a faster movement. A combination of the two will result in a calorie-burning, heart-engaging workout that will show benefits whether you’re an athlete or just a fitness enthusiast. Likewise, with squats and lunges, doing just one won’t lead to weight loss.

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exercises to lose weight
Know the right exercises to lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Squats or lunges, correct form matters

Make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. It is essential to maintain correct form when performing a squat or lunge. As with any workout, it’s best to start slowly. Start by mastering your squat, then move on to perfecting the lunges, before including both in your workout. When you’re able to pull off both and do them right, that’s when you’re going to create a truly explosive lower body workout.


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