Jelly Roll: uncover the images of the rising star of nation rap


Jelly Roll (born Jason DeFord December 4, 1984) is an American rapper, nation singer and rocker who has been making waves for the reason that early 2010s. Hailing from the southern group of Antioch close to Nashville, Tennessee, Jelly Roll grew up in troubled youth. He spent three years in a juvenile detention middle for theft and was charged with a felony when he was 21. After battling habit points, he cleaned up his life with the start of his daughter. His pure storytelling and present for music led him to embark on a profession in nation rapping. He ceaselessly teamed up with fellow southern rapper Lil Whyte early in his profession and befriended Battle Jennings (leading to a quartet of collaborative albums.) In 2021, Jelly Roll launched “Ballads of the Damaged”, which noticed him focus extra on singing than rapping. The album contained “Son of a Sinner,” his first-ever No. 1 nation radio hit.

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