Hear up, tea lovers! Listed below are some do’s and don’ts within the vineyard you should not miss


Sipping a cup of tea very first thing within the morning is a non-negotiable ritual. All tea lovers will perceive that nothing beats the love of welcoming a recent cup of tea within the morning. This “chai ki chuski” is one thing to die for. Nonetheless, whereas having fun with its taste and aroma in each cup, we are inclined to do issues that knowingly or unknowingly spoil our tea consuming expertise. We all know you like your cup of tea and would commerce something for that particular tea time. Nonetheless, there are specific methods to have or not have your favourite cup of tea.

Heath pictures reached out to nutritionist Avni Kaul to determine the do’s and don’ts of chai.

The Again of Tea Ingesting

Listed below are some issues for all tea lovers in accordance with the knowledgeable:

1. Drink tea 2 hours after breakfast or a meal

The knowledgeable suggests, “Tea ought to at all times be taken after an interval of not less than 2 hours after breakfast or a meal. It’s advantageous to have tea within the morning or within the night, however it must be averted with breakfast or any appropriate meal”.

do's and don'ts of chai
Morning tea might not be a good suggestion on an empty abdomen. Picture Courtesy: Shuttestock

2. Have tea at 8:30 p.m.

In keeping with the knowledgeable, should you prefer to drink tea within the night, it’s best to take it at 8:30 p.m. as a result of that is the perfect time when our digestion is strongest, and this extra enhance in caffeine helps in meals metabolism.

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3. At all times go for high quality tea

The tea market is awash with a myriad of choices, so there is not any motive to accept poor high quality tea or dusty tea baggage. The explanation behind that is fairly easy, the higher the standard of your tea, the higher it’ll steep, and we can not overlook the well being advantages that include it.

Tea consuming bans

Simply as there are specific guidelines to comply with in terms of consuming tea, there are additionally sure issues to not do.

do's and don'ts of chai
Take note of the do’s and don’ts of tea to amp up your tea consuming expertise! Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Keep away from consuming tea on an empty abdomen

“By no means drink tea on an empty abdomen. Tea has tannins which may result in acidity. Thus, it’s best to attempt to take tea after having your meal,” suggests the knowledgeable.

2. No caffeine earlier than mattress

Keep away from taking tea earlier than sleeping because the caffeine can intervene along with your sleep. Additionally, by no means overheat or overboil your tea. Steeping your tea at a low temperature will assist retain the goodness of the tea.

3. Don’t add extra milk or sugar

Attempt to keep the authenticity of the tea by not including extra milk or sugar. For those who nonetheless like so as to add milk to your tea, add scorching milk in direction of the tip and switch off the gasoline range after boiling.

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4. Do not steep the tea leaves too lengthy

Don’t steep the tea leaves for a very long time. As an alternative of utilizing tea baggage, it’s higher to make use of unfastened tea leaves. Unfastened leaf tea is stronger in taste than tea baggage. Thus, the tea leaves are at all times more energizing and fewer crushed.

Tea lovers, now you already know what to do and what to not do the subsequent time you sip that morning tea, so get pleasure from!


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