Great cocktail recipes from America’s top bartenders


Here are some great cocktail recipes from America’s top bartenders to enjoy at home or at gatherings with friends and family that are sure to impress.

Disco punch
Disco-punch cocktail. Courtesy of Jack Rose Restaurant

Disco-punch cocktail

AT Jack Rose In New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, a celebration is a vibe, no matter what day or time you visit. The full size Disco Punch features vodka, fiero vermouth, pineapple, orange lime and sparkling wine, served in a shimmering disco ball with floating flowers.

One punch bowl serves 8-12 people

10 oz Mt. Gay Eclipse rum
10 oz Bigallet Liqueur China-China
5 ounces of Suze liqueur
5 ounces Falernum syrup
10 oz lime juice
15 ounces of pineapple juice
5 oz simple syrup 1:1
1 bottle of prosecco

– Combine the first 7 ingredients in a punch bowl.
– Stir well, then top up with a full bottle of Prosecco.

Theobrama Cacao - rose petals and sage
Theobrama Cocoa. Courtesy of Higher Ground Restaurant

Theobrama Cocoa

At the recently opened Urban Cocktail Retreat, higher ground, Christine Wiseman, director of Bar Lab Hospitality Beverage, creates libations to evoke the spirituality, sights, colors and sense of wonder in the jungles of Latin America. Theobrama Cacao is a clarified milk punch with Aberfeldy, Fino, strawberry, raspberry and rose tea, complemented with dried rose petals and a personal stain of white sage intended to promote spiritual healing and wisdom. | Beverage Director: Christine Wiseman

Fine sherry
Batavia Arrak
Tempus Fugit Cocoa
Bittermans Scarborough bitters
Ango Cocoa Bitters
rose tea

– Pour 100 g of milk punch into a mixing glass and strain into a tall small glass.
– Add a large cube and place it on a serving tray with dried roses.
– Light a piece of dried sage.

First step:
Add 2 lbs of demerara to 22 pints of Cambro
Zest of 4 lemons (keep the juice)
The zest of 2 oranges – squeeze the oranges by hand into a mixture
1 cup cocoa nibs
4 oz fresh sage (stems and all torn)
3 pints raspberries
2 pints strawberries, hulled and chopped

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– Crush the mixture and let it sit in the walk-in for 3 days.
– Mix daily.

Second step:
30g dried roses
10g Morning After Jojo black tea
84 oz water for steeping tea – 74 oz tea water needed for blending

– Bring to a simmer and remove from the heat.
– Leave to infuse for 30 minutes and strain the tea.
– 24 oz fresh strained lemon juice.
– Once cooled, add 2btls Aberfeldy, 1btl Batavia Arak, 1btl Lustau Fino and 6oz Tempus Fugit Cacao, 1oz Bittermans Scarborough Bitters, 1oz Ango Cacao bitters and let sit for 1 night.

Third step:
– Strain the mixture through a sieve.
– Extract 12 oz of fresh lemon juice – do not add it to the mixture yet.
– 64 oz whole milk and heat slowly – do not boil!
– As soon as there is movement, light bubbles withdraw from the fire.
– Pour the lemon juice into the tea and alcohol mixture.
– Next, add hot milk – this should curdle the mixture.
– Prepare the Chinese with 4 pieces of cheesecloth going in different directions.
– Place inside the Chinese and make sure there are no creases.
– Run the water from the cheesecloth and strainer and make sure it is thoroughly wet.
– Place the strainer into the 22qt Cambro and pour the mixture through the cheesecloth.
– The first run won’t make it clear, you create the next one to make it clear.
– Do this several times with the mixture (you will need another Cambro for the transfer back and forth) until it starts to flow clearly.
– This process will take about 4-5 hours.
– Continue to strain slowly never allowing the mixture to be poured over the top of the nest.

Springtime Elderflower Punch
Springtime elderflower punch. Courtesy of The Bower

Springtime Elderflower Punch

A culinary darling of New Orleans, The Arbor, field-to-glass libations are created with the freshest produce and ingredients from a partner farm, Sugar Roots. Beverage director Mickey Mullins’ gorgeous Spring Elderflower Punch features farm-fresh flowers as well as rum, elderflower, grapefruit and rosé. | Beverage Director: Mickey Mullins

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Yield: 1 cocktail

1.5 oz Denizen rum
0.5 oz elderflower liqueur
0.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1 oz of rosé wine

– Mix all the ingredients with ice in a shaker
– Shake well
– Pour over ice in a rock glass
– Garnish with farm-fresh flowers

Old fashioned smoked cocoa
Old fashioned cocoa. Courtesy of Soffs Restaurant

Old fashioned cocoa

Experience relaxed luxury at Soffs the elevated lobby bar and lounge area JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, where patrons can enjoy meticulously crafted cocktails reflecting Turnberry’s rich history. Highlights include its Cacao Old Fashioned with a large ice cube, Brugal 1888 rum, orange bitters, angostura bitters, Godiva chocolate liqueur, simple syrup and orange peel garnish .

Yield: 1 cocktail

2 ounces Brugal 1888 rum
2 dashes of orange bitters
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
0.25 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
0.25 oz simple syrup
1 orange zest
1 ice cube

– Pour the ingredients into a glass with a large ice cube
– Stir gently
– Garnish with orange peel

Five Star Gold Martini Courtesy of The Setai Miami Beach

Five Star Golden Martini

In honor of its 9th consecutive year as a five-star establishment by Forbes, The Setai Miami Beach launched the decadent five-star golden martini. Made with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, Grand Marnier Centenaire, etc., it is then filtered through a cut Riedel crystal glass and covered in 24k gold flakes. Priced at $125, this luxurious cocktail will make you the star of the town.

2 oz Inniskillin Icewine
1 oz Beluga Gold vodka
0.5 oz Grand Marnier Centenary
Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 0.25oz
24 carat gold flake

… “Like any classic cocktail made from all spirits, the Five-Star Gold Martini is stirred. We pour all the ingredients except the flake into a mixing glass, fill it with ice and stir for 20 seconds. The cocktail is then filtered through a Riedel cut crystal glass and covered with 24 carat gold flakes. -Hakan Balkuvvar, Wine Director / Head Sommelier

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No Man's Land Tamarindo Fresca Photo Credit Shelby Cooper
No Man’s Land Tamarindo Fresca. image copyrightShelby Cooper

Tamarind Fresco

At the sultry cocktail bar in Fort Lauderdale, No Man’s Land, from Big Brother star and hospitality guru Memphis Garrett, cocktails take center stage. The Tamarindo Fresca combines reposado, tamarind-ginger syrup and lime and is topped with a tajin-crusted tamarind straw. | Beverage Director: Chevy Farrell

Yield: 1 cocktail

1.5oz Espolon Reposado
0.5oz Campari
1 oz tamarind syrup*
0.75 oz lime juice
Tagine Spice

– Shake all the ingredients.
– Pour into an Old Fashioned glass rimmed with Tajin and cover with fresh ice.
Garnish with Tamarind/Chili Straw (Mexican sweets).

* Tamarind Syrup Recipe
15 oz tamarind puree
2 1/4C white sugar
1-1/2 tablespoon ginger juice
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to temperature until all the ingredients are dissolved, then let cool. Store in the fridge for about a week.

Aromas of Lavender Cocktail
Aromas of Lavender Cocktail. Courtesy of R House, Wynwood, Florida

Lavender aromas

AT House R, located in Miami’s Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District, the drink program is every bit as stimulating and extravagant as the performances at the Drag show. The high-energy restaurant R House Wynwood is known for honoring fun vibes and fierceness. This sophisticated yet playful martini features Hendricks gin, cucumber, lavender and lemon.

Yield: 1 cocktail

2 ounces of gin
2 oz cucumber juice
1 ounce lavender syrup
1 oz lemon juice
Garnish lavender flower slice of cucumber skewer

– Put all the ingredients in a shaker
– Pour into a pure Martini glass

Grasshopper Credit Sam Hanna
Grasshopper cocktail. Credit Sam Hanna


Tujague’s is the second oldest restaurant in New Orleans and the third oldest continuously operating restaurant in the United States. In 1918, on the eve of Prohibition, Philip Guichet created the Grasshopper cocktail, the frothy green drink that remains the restaurant’s signature libation to this day.

Yield: 1 cocktail

0.75 oz green mint cream
0.75 oz cocoa cream
0.75 oz white creme de menthe
0.5 oz cognac
0.75 oz heavy cream
0.75 oz whole milk
0.5 teaspoon brandy for the top

– Mix all the ingredients (except 0.5 teaspoon of Brandy) in a shaker filled with ice.
– Shake vigorously.
– Filter through a champagne flute.
– Garnish with Brandy.


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